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KYA-Energy Group welcomed five (05) new interns this Monday, April 03, 2023, including three (3) from the Centre d'Excellence Régional pour la Maîtrise de l'Electricité (CERME) and two (02) from the Presidential Program of Excellence (PPE).

Durant leur séjour, ces apprenants feront une immersion dans le monde professionnel et travailleront au sein de KYA-Energy Group sur des sujets pointus liés à leurs domaines respectifs.

The Centre d'Excellence Régional pour la Maîtrise de l'Electricité (CERME) at the University of Lomé is a sub-regional organization created in 2019 to promote scientific excellence and train high-level technicians and qualified personnel in applied research in the electricity sub-sector. At national level, CERME is housed within the University of Lomé and works in close collaboration with the Ecole Polytechnique de Lomé (EPL) and the Physics Department of the Faculty of Science (FDS).

The Presidential Program of Excellence is a government initiative implemented by the ShARE Cabinet, which aims to strengthen the Togolese administration by training talented young people who will in turn work in the Togolese administration to implement the government's roadmap.

KYA-Energy Group is delighted to make its modest contribution to the development of these young talents.

We wish them a wonderful stay in our great KYA family.

KYA, move beyond the sky.

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