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After spending 10 weeks in an intensive internship at KYA-Energy GROUP (from April 3, 2023 to June 16, 2023), PPE students Francine KALGORA and Rakib TRAORE successfully completed their immersion in the professional world at KYA-Energy Group.

The aim of their internship at KYA-Energy GROUP was to enable them to assimilate the requirements needed to be operational in a competitive and stimulating environment. They were given the opportunity to put their skills into practice within KYA-Energy Group, while acquiring lasting professional skills in their respective fields.

During their internship, these students had the opportunity to work on specific topics related to their field of expertise, such as « the drafting of an environmental and social management plan for the electrification of 314 health centers in Togo" and "the study of the civil engineering part of AMEA Power's technical documentation relating to the extension of the Blitta photovoltaic power plant". »

An experience that not only enabled them to acquire, but also to sharpen their skills.

“KYA-Energy GROUP is a company composed of more than 95% young people, whose passion, commitment and competence challenge. I've come out of this internship not only full of the experience I've gained, but also with a greater motivation to work in order to make an impact, to innovate and to be a source of motivation like the examples I've met at KYA.”

Francine KALGORA

"At KYA Energy GROUP, I've been impressed by two main aspects. The first is the innovation that the company brings to the field of renewable energies through the development of products that facilitate the adoption and efficiency of solar systems. The second aspect is the harmony that reigns within the company despite the ethnic, cultural and religious diversity of its staff. We all share the same values of discipline, rigor and commitment to a job well done. Rakib TRAORE

The Presidential Program of Excellence is a government initiative implemented by the ShARE Cabinet, with the aim of strengthening the Togolese administration by training talented young people who will in turn work in the Togolese administration to implement the government's roadmap. These students will soon be immersed in the Togolese administration.

We wish them all the best for the future.

KYA, move beyond the sky

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