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FAT NCOs on training course at KYA-Energy Group

Our defense and security forces (FDS) are often deployed in isolated regions or conflict zones where access to energy is limited or non-existent.

The use of solar energy remains a viable, robust and easily deployable solution for powering military equipment and meeting other energy needs at remote military sites.

KYA-Energy Group, a company specializing in the research, innovation and sizing of ultra-modern solar systems, welcomed a cohort of 15 FAT non-commissioned officers from various garrisons across the country on Tuesday.

They will receive three months' training in solar installation, maintenance and, above all, solar system sizing - a key area of expertise for KYA-Energy.

As citizens, we must contribute to empowering our army to better protect us, and our modest contribution in this regard, as solar energy specialists, is to provide them with the tools they need to manage solar installations', says Prof Yao Azoumah, Managing Director of KYA-Energy Group.

He justifies this voluntary approach by the fact that they need this expertise on the various operating sites.

When they are in a position to carry out installations and maintenance, even on a small scale for specific operations, it will be a winning bet for all of us', adds KYA-Energy Group's CEO.

The modules to be delivered to the agents during the training will be highly practical, with field trips for both installations and appropriate maintenance. By the end of the three-month training course, the fifteen NCOs will be able to install and maintain solar power systems.

KYA-Energy Group's aim is to provide long-term support for the Togolese armed forces in the energy sector, as demonstrated by the fact that Lieutenant-Colonel Tchassama (in charge of interns for the armed forces) will spend almost six months at the company in 2022.

KYA's management and staff wish them a pleasant stay with us.

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