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Technical staff at 2iE's LABEREE laboratory equipped with KYA-SolDesign software

On the periphery of LA FABRIQUE's social entrepreneurship days, and as a preliminary to the acquisition of KYA-SolDesign software licenses, Professor Yao AZOUMAH, CEO of KYA-Energy Group, conducted a training session on the use of said software on June 09, 2023 at the 2iE-Kamboinsé site, with a dozen technical staff from 2iE's Renewable Energies and Energy Efficiency Laboratory (LabEREE), including teacher-researchers, PhD students, engineers and technicians.

This seminar had two phases:

- The first phase involved a presentation of the KYA-Energy Group method (KEG Method), on which the development of KYA-SolDesign software is based. This innovative method combines the quantity and quality of energy demand (in relation to the availability of solar resources) to dimension technically reliable and economically accessible stand-alone solar PV systems.

- The second phase of the training session focused on the discovery and use of KYA-SolDesign software itself. Through a concrete example of an energy needs survey, the participants in this training session discovered with Prof. Yao AZOUMAH all the steps involved in using KYA-SolDesign software.

KYA-SolDesign, launched in 2020 by our company, is the first African software for sizing solar PV systems. It is available online via our website and accessible to all categories of potential users (students, engineers, teachers, solar professionals, policy-makers, etc.).

As a reminder, KYA and 2iE signed a partnership agreement in 2021 which covers, among other things, the hosting of internships for 2iE students and technical staff, capacity building for staff from both institutions, the development of R&D activities of common interest, etc.

This training session is part of this partnership.

KYA, Move beyond the sky.

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