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The engineers of the General Direction of Energy of Gabon are now equipped on KYA-SolDesign

As part of a capacity-building workshop for engineers from Gabon's General Direction of Energy (Ministry of Energy and Hydraulic Resources), financed by the World Bank and implemented by the 2CFI training center, Professor Yao AZOUMAH, CEO of KYA-Energy Group, shared his knowledge and experience of solar systems in general, and the sizing of stand-alone solar PV systems in particular.

Over two weeks (May 22 to June 02, 2023), nearly twenty engineers were equipped to put together design files for solar PV systems of all types. KYA-SolDesign, the first African software for sizing solar PV systems, was taught to the engineers in a practical way, through concrete projects.

Launched in 2020, KYA-SolDesign software is based on the KYA-Energy Group method. This method combines the quantity and quality of energy requirements with the availability of solar resources, to design technically reliable and economically accessible stand-alone solar PV systems.

The 2CFI Training Centre has thus become KYA-Energy Group's partner for training in renewable energy systems and energy efficiency in Gabon and Central Africa.

Several training courses covering other aspects of renewable energy and energy efficiency will be organized in the coming months with our partner 2CFI, for professionals and decision-makers in Gabon and Central Africa.

Capacity building, in a practical and specific way, has been the Trojan horse of our company since its creation, as it contributes to the popularization of renewable energies and their merits, and dispels any doubts about their use to meet our countries' energy needs.

KYA, Move beyond the sky.

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