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Prof Yao Azoumah, 'Builder of the African Economy'.

Professor Yao Azoumah has just received another award for his entrepreneurial success and, above all, for KYA-Energy Group's contribution to the economic development of Togo and Africa.

This is the 'Builder of the African Economy' award received at the 13th edition of the Bâtisseurs de l'Économie Africaine (Builders of the African Economy) held on April 27, 2023 in Abidjan, Côte d'Ivoire.

The event brought together participants from some thirty countries. Among them were experts on key African development issues, visionary entrepreneurs, administrative champions, tomorrow's innovators, fearless investors and exceptional women.

A platform for exploring the challenges facing Africa, the Forum of Builders offer intense debates on the major concerns of the continent's transformation. The theme of the 13th edition was "Economic integration in the Zlecaf era".

Some 50 experts, including Akinwumi Adesina from the African Development Bank Group, addressed major issues such as sustainable and inclusive development, infrastructure, mobility, entrepreneurship, digital, trade, health, energy, human capital and more.

The 'Builder of the African Economy' celebrates African entrepreneurial and managerial elites, companies, successful economic institutions, international investors, talents from the African diaspora and multinationals who have distinguished themselves by investing in Africa's progress.

Following in the footsteps of Edem d'Almeida, Director of Africa Global Recycling, Prof. Yao Azoumah was also honored at this major meeting of the builders of the African economy, a distinction that testifies to the quality and impact of KYA-Energy Group's work in Togo and Africa.

Created in 2006, this event has become one of the most prestigious forums for recognizing and celebrating the men, women and companies resolutely committed to the prosperity of the continent.

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