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Seed Transformation Program

KYA-Energy Group, specialized in research, innovation and sizing of ultra-modern solar systems, has successfully completed a program of excellence aimed at strengthening its leadership in the solar market in Togo and throughout Africa.

The program is called "Seed Transformation Program" and the certificates were awarded on November 6 in Lagos, Nigeria. The Seed Transformation program is an unconventional online learning experience that goes beyond business skills.

A world-renowned faculty from Stanford, USA, and a team of dedicated experts work with business leaders throughout their 12-month growth journey.

The goal is to develop essential management and leadership skills, from strategy and finance to marketing and sales, all taught by highly qualified faculty.

The KYA-Energy Group team successfully completed this capacity building program to better meet its challenge of democratizing energy for all.

"The ongoing quest for answers to this difficult question of affordability has led us to enroll in two capacity building programs at the prestigious Stanford Graduate School of Business in the heart of Silicon Valley," explains Yao Azoumah, CEO of KYA-Energy.

Professor Yao Azoumah receives his certificate

This training will strengthen the technical and outreach capacities of the energy solutions developed by the KYA-Energy group, with a view to making them ever closer and more accessible to consumers, particularly urban and rural populations.

"Until we deliver reliable solar at lower cost, we will not sleep at KYA. It is now time to implement this transformation within our company so that solar energy can be democratized on the continent," Professor Yao Azoumah tells

A renewal is expected in the operating system of the structure that intends to deploy its new skills to best achieve its objectives.

The KYA-Energy Group designs, develops and assembles energy products in Togo, including solar energy production units, energy managers, renovation kits, etc.

In addition to the products it manufactures, KYA-Energy develops customized training programs for technicians and other areas of expertise in solar energy, according to the needs expressed by companies.


Giovanni H. (Agridigitale)

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