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Prof Yao AZOUMAH, awarded the Grand Prix Général Mathieu Kérékou

KYA-Energy Group Managing Director Prof Yao AZOUMAH received the Grand Prix Général Mathieu Kérékou 2022 trophy in Lomé on Friday.

The award, presented by the Benin-based NGO Etoile d'Afrik, recognizes Prof AZOUMAH as an outstanding player in the field of development.

At the award ceremony, Mohamed Tohir BADELE, President of the NGO Etoile d'Afrik, emphasized that Professor Yao AZOUMAH's achievements as a business leader and development player were decisive in his nomination.

He expressed his satisfaction with the quality of Professor Yao AZOUMAH's team, which is young and dynamic. Mr. BADELE also indicated that cooperative actions would be undertaken to add even more value to the laureate's activities.

For his part, Professor Yao AZOUMAH said that the award was further recognition for his company KYA-Energy Group, and that prospects for the future remained unchanged.

"As long as the most vulnerable populations do not have easy access to sustainable energy, we cannot rest. The struggle to find the best solutions at the most affordable prices for access to energy services for our populations will continue and intensify," he insisted.

In the most basic terms, the nomination of Professor Yao AZOUMAH as winner of the Grand Prix Général Mathieu Kérékou 2022 de Meilleur Acteur du Développement is a well-deserved recognition of his hard work and commitment to improving the lives of vulnerable populations through access to low-cost solar energy.

According to Etoile d'Afrik, the achievements of this entrepreneur and development actor have had a significant impact on the communities he has touched, and his nomination is a source of inspiration for young people who aspire to achieve great things in their lives.

The hope is that this recognition will inspire more people to work with determination and commitment to improve the lives of the communities in which they live.

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