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KYA-Energy LABORATORY is the unit that carries out Research & Development (R & D) activities.


Research axes:

Axis 1: Development of support tools for optimal sizing and simulation of fluctuating renewable energy-based system

  1. Review, adaptation and / or development of new methods of autonomous sizing systems in base of fluctuates renewable energies (solar, wind turbine)

  2. Development of sizing software and simulation system based on fluctuates renewable energies (solar, wind turbine)

  3. Elaboration of professional guides of renewable energies

Axis 2: Design and development of future energy systems

  1. Production of green hydrogen for transformation and power generation

  2. Smart and gridless units

  3. Wireless electricity generation

  4. Development

Axis 3: Development of norms and component standards of solar energy systems from tropical and Sahelo-Sahelian environments

  1. Labeling of energy production based on renewable energies

  2. Establishment of benches experimental for the certification of solar system components                    

  3. Development of norms and solar components for the certification standard systems from tropical climates to Sahelo-Sahelian

  4. Development of norms and standards for the installation of solar systems in the tropical climates and Sahelo-Sahelian

Axis 4:  Recycling of regeneration of component from renewable energy-based system

  1. Development of innovative recycling processes for system component based on renewable energies

  2. Establishment of industrial systems for recycling system components based on renewable energies

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